What should be changed in the car immediately after purchase?

Buying a used car, the new owner may not know exactly what kind of service provided by the vehicle and how it was operated immediately before this purchase. From this it follows that the right decision will be after purchase as soon as possible, to make unscheduled maintenance.car after purchase

Immediately after the acquisition it is recommended to replace in the car:

  • Oils (engine, in the “automation”, power steering, gearbox with all-wheel drive transmission);
  • Filters (oil, air, hydraulic and fuel);
  • Gas distribution belt;
  • Coolants and brake fluids;
  • Plugs .

You can also replace, starting on the condition of the machinery and equipment components, and whether the funds are sufficient the car owner, to buy spare parts and other necessary details:

  • Each belt and roller;
  • Each rubber part and small metal components of the chassis, which raised suspicions;
  • Tyres.

Another it is recommended before using the car to pump rack, if they do not knock, in the latter case it is necessary to change, and clean fuel system.