Change of engine oil Mercedes.

Replacing of the engine oil is an essential element in the process of servicing of any engine.

In the Mercedes car the period of oil change depends on the motor type:

  • diesel engine – after every 10 -12 thousand kilometers;
  • petrol engine – after every 15 -17 thousand kilometers.

engine oil MercedesDelay in the replacement will lead to an unnecessary overload of the motor. Needless oil begins to lose its positive qualities, there is an increase in its density, and in consequence, strained work of the motor. A repair of your Mercedes will cost for you a lot of money. Buying oil, it is best to abandon analogue and buy original brands: 1. for gasoline engine – oil 229.1; 2. For diesel engine – oil 229.51. It must be remembered that the thickened oil in some amount takes the form of grease. The necessary lubrication of parts for normal operation of the engine is broken.

Oil starvation on a large period of time will inevitably lead to the appearance of microscopic burrs on the mirrors of the motor cylinder. As a result, oil consumption will increase and there will be a gray car exhaust from the muffler.